Saturday, May 26, 2012

We Hit the Big One!!

We've hit 50,000 sales!!  Whoohoo!  And, to thank my most loyal customers on Facebook and our Sunshine Buttercup blog, I'd like to offer 50% off your purchases for the next 24hours!  Thank you, thank you for your enormously appreciated business and wonderful friendship too!  :)

Please use the code THEBIGONE at checkout in the coupon code section to save a whopping 50% off your order.  We've NEVER had a sale this big.  This offer is good for reserved listings as well but I won't be available until tomorrow morning to get those listed.  Feel free to write and send me your list before then though! 

Sale is from 4:15pm today until 4:15pm tomorrow PST.  Thank you for being such adorable and wonderful customers!!

 PS...You must be a fan of our blog or FB page to receive the discount.  However, you can sign up right now.  Thank you!

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  1. Dear Sunshine :) Just wanted to say Thank YOU for having such an awesome sale! I think I purchased a little of everything HA!

    I seriously thank you.


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