Thursday, August 9, 2012


It's been a truly wonderful endeavor, friends but it's time to move onto new adventures!  Business is still great and I appreciate you enormously but my soul is dearly craving something new.

I started out in the early 2000's designing jewelry and was fortunate enough have my jewelry featured in 103 stores in the US and Canada.  After the company I designed for declared bankruptcy therefore owing me loads of money, it was clearly time for a change.  I had so much inventory left over that I decided on a whim to sell off my supplies.  Six years later it's very apparent it's been a fortuitous ride, thanks to you. 

It may take some time to sell off all my inventory.  I can't say when our doors will close for good but my estimate is many months, possibly up to six or more.  Please feel free to write  if you would like to purchase larger lots of the items you see in the shop at the current discounted rate.  In the upcoming months, I will be posting many never before seen treasures that are hanging out in boxes waiting for their turn to be featured in the shop.

Thank you, thank you for your always very appreciated business and fun, friendly chats.  :)

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